National University Strategic Account Advisor, Sanford Harmony in Atlanta, Georgia

The Strategic Account Advisor for Sanford Harmony serve in key positions for growth and outreach. A successful regional team makes connections with its customers and creates long-lasting relationships. The Strategic Accounts Advisor will be responsible for maintaining these connections with larger, strategic accounts. They should be a self-starting professional with a proven track record in organization growth.

This individual will be responsible for working with and building relationships with select group of clients and prospective clients to ensure clients are dealt with professionally, effectively, with team members to reach and maintain growth goals and at the same time promote the SEC/NU System mission, vision and values to the company and to its employees.


  • The Strategic Account Advisor is responsible for supporting their region?s largest accounts (typically those with 50+ sites).

  • Responsible for not only securing the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) for large accounts but also for managing the on-boarding of the account.

  • Ensure that there is a clear plan in place for Sanford Harmony usage, including creating a training schedule with dates, number of trainers needed, and additional resources needed for successful implementation.

  • Will follow-up on a regular basis with the accounts to determine what additional support is needed to ensure fidelity in implementation.

  • Maintain communications with the account in scenarios where rolling out Harmony programs may include a multi-year plan.

  • Constantly build and improve company image and look for more ways to further its promotion.

  • Build strong relationships across the regional team and motivate staff to stretch and exceed expansion expectations annually.

  • Communicate quarterly quotas, develop quarterly business plans, and provide on-going coaching on performance progress.

  • Play an important role in marketing to bring in more clients for further improvement of sales and production.

  • Communicate with the Director and Regional Manager frequently, provide consistent and thorough updates, & build a strong rapport across the region and across departments at NU.

  • Collaborate with the Ambassadors, the Regional Manager, and the Director to maximize communication channels within the organization.

  • Work with managers, business experts and management analysts in dealing with the technical aspects of the region and specific requests.

  • Analyze problems and methodical approaches to maximize the efficiency of the operations.

  • Demonstrated ability to set and reach goals, self-motivated; goal and client service oriented; professional image and demeanor.

  • Possess the drive to connect with people, helping individuals obtain a quality learning experience that will assist them in moving forward in their career assisting organizations in meeting workforce development needs.

  • Strong interpersonal, communication and collaboration skills are necessary, as is the ability to represent the SEC/NU professionally and credibly within the System community and throughout the community-at-large.

  • Candidate must be able to communicate and work with individuals from diverse backgrounds and experiences.

  • Requires the ability to work with broad parameters and with little supervision; demonstrated ability to initiate, conceptualize and complete projects with little oversight.

  • Must be capable of meeting strangers in new environments and quickly make them feel comfortable.

  • In-depth knowledge of a university academic model, as may be gained through experience as either an alumni or faculty.

Education & Experience

  • Bachelor?s Degree or equivalent in Business, Marketing or relevant field is required.

  • Master?s Degree is preferred.

  • Five to seven (5-7) years of experience promoting and implementing educational programs.

  • Extensive experience working with large high-profile district and organizations, ability to coordinate large teams, large accounts, and the resources needed to support and sustain long term implementations.

  • Must provide evidence of experience in planning and implementing school-based professional development.

  • Demonstrable experience in developing relationships with education leaders from Pre-K-12 and higher education.

  • Evidence of experience in planning and implementing school-based professional development.

  • Experience in teacher education and educational administration.

  • Experience with adult learning and development models.

  • Experience or developing job skills in online training and webinars.

  • Experience with public speaking is desirable.