YMCA of Western North Carolina Volunteer Fitness Floor Member Mentor in Asheville, North Carolina


Goal of Role

To help provide a positive experience to new and current members on the wellness floor.

Tasks and Activities

  • Greet and welcome members on the wellness floor.
  • Explain basic rules regarding equipment usage, etc.
  • Direct members to other areas/programs according to their fitness goals.
  • Assist in daily cleaning of equipment as assigned.
  • Take direction from Wellness Staff.

Age requirement


Length of commitment

6+ months

Estimated hours/month

4+/month. Agreed upon weekly schedule.


☐ At volunteer’s discretion

☒ At specified times: that correspond with volunteer’s exercise schedule.


Reuter Family YMCA

Dress Code

Athletic attire

Qualifications and skills desired

  • Be welcoming, friendly, calm and helpful.
  • Be on time.
  • Eagerness to help others.
  • Works effectively with people of different backgrounds, abilities, opinions and perceptions.

Training and other requirements

  • Attendance at a one-hour Wellness Floor Member Mentor training session.


Job Location: Downtown Asheville - Asheville, NC

Position Type: Volunteer

Job Category: Other