Weatherford DAQ ENGINEER in AL KHOBAR, Saudi Arabia



The DAQ Engineer is to co-ordinate specific onsite operational aspects of the project, providing experience and responsibility to oversee the data acquisition system and the PLC. To maintain all the data recording systems within the equipment modules are functioning correctly and are operating in line with the testing program requirements under the guidance of the Supervisor. DAQ supervisor also participate in field operations and shop work including, but not limited to: preparation, rig up, operation, maintenance, rig down and returning to base. To further ensure that all Q&HSE and procedural issues are followed during the project.

DUTIES & RESPONSIBILITIES: (Not Listed In Any Particular Order)

  • Help prepare HAZOP documentation, P&ID, and equipment.

  • Attends and actively participates in the HAZOP meeting.

  • Selects appropriate equipment for projects with the field coordinator and Site Supervisor.

  • Participate in pre-job meeting with crew.

  • Gather job program information from the field coordinator and operations manager.

  • Assist in equipment rig up and rig down on each well under the guidance of the Supervisor.

  • To oversee the electronic data recording systems, ensuring that all procedures are followed in accordance with the safety precautions and practices required.

  • To ensure that the servicing, calibration and system meters are functioning correctly under expected climate conditions and that back up equipment is in working order.

  • To maintain constant operating records and data cards for all maintenance and calibration reporting to ensure that early system malfunctioning can be addressed immediately as to not lose or interrupt data collation.

  • To ensure that all electrical systems are working correctly and maintained in a safe working condition with assistance from the Electrician, especially the central PLC unit which requires regular monitoring.

  • To ensure the correct visual cable checks and metering checks are carried out, and all general maintenance and operating procedures are performed on the electrical equipment as per industry standard recommendations and intrinsically safe compliance.

  • Discussing all relevant repair/maintenance actions with the Supervisor for their reporting duties and system utilization records.

  • To ensure further compliance of, and the implementation, of all Q&HSE procedures during the operational project activity.

  • To notify the need / use of any consumables, in accordance with regular system checks during the testing operations, ensuring that all relevant details are recorded by the Supervisor.

  • Perform all tasks in a safe professional manner and follow SOPs.

  • Perform and actively participate in all required safety meetings, JSAs and walk around/shift handover.

  • Assist in complete and verify operations forms and checklists.

  • Monitor equipment controls and instrumentation, record test data and verify data quality for engineer/client’s use.

  • Report any abnormalities of DAQ equipment to site supervisor.

  • Generate a list and notify field coordinator and/or site supervisor of needed spare parts from suppliers.

  • Complete job reporting with the site supervisor as required, including WPTS CPAR, NCR, OFI, etc.

  • May be asked to take supervisor/assessor training and perform competence assessments, as per WFT Competence Program.

  • Assist in collect field service quality form, (FSQ form, WPTS job performance) and submit with job report.

  • DAQ reading and data collection during the testing operations.

  • Monitor sensors and ensure they are reading within parameters.

  • Verify and validate manual data against DAQ.

  • Operate company vehicle according to the Weatherford Driver and Vehicle Safety Policy.

  • Take an active role and participate in Weatherford's Quality Improvement Process and comply with all requirements of the Product Line Operational Control Plan (OCP).

  • Maintain clear and professional communications with all crewmembers and company representatives.

  • Know and understand Weatherford Quality Policy and comply with all requirements of the Quality Systems Manual, Operating and Technical Procedures and Workplace Instructions.

  • Must understand and comply with all safety rules and company policies of Weatherford.

  • Work assignments carried out to the highest quality level.

  • Perform various other duties and activities as assigned by supervisor within the physical constraints of the job.